Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lettuce Begin

I'm sorry. I had to do it. I just had to. But look at it this way, now that my first corny pun is over, it'll be 3-4 blogs before you see another one. (Maybe.)

And it was a nifty way of heading into the me, me, me part of this Intro Blog.

*I* am an human ecologist in the making, treehugger, organic food lover, sandal wearing recycler, American in Sweden, hobby photographer and, as of 3 months ago yesterday, formally vegetarian.

That sound ya’ll just heard was seasoned Veggies scoffing in unison. That’s ok. I can dig it. What's with the new girl in the cabbage patch thinking she is all vegetarian foodie after just 3.5 seconds of FACELESS FOOD? In my defense, it was a long process. I have never liked meat all that much. I was really bad at being a carnivore. And, after 11 years of living with a vegetarian in faceless food bliss, nothing about my lifestyle/thought process/beliefs/everyday diet was in agreement with the one or two servings of meat that I ate socially every month. It didn't make sense. That was the clincher. I was a vegetarian stuck in a carnivore's pattern. It was time to break out of the pattern. Learning curve and all...

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