Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holy Pizza, Batman!

The pizza options for vegetarians here in Sweden consist of 3 basic pizzas:

The Margherita - plain cheese

The Fungi - cheese and mushroom

The Vegetarian - cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers and corn. Sometimes, it has artichoke smack in the center or some asparagus here and there.

Every now and again, there is an extra one on the menu. Something like a Tutti Frutti with pineapple, banana, curry and cayenne. (the Tutti Frutti, btw, is awesome.) That is how it has been since I moved here and we have always just sort of accepted that as the way of the pizza world here in Sweden.

Well, we did until two weeks ago. We moved to Southern Sweden for a ten months back in August. Nine months in, we finally heard about a pizza place with pies worth sampling. So we checked it out.

Holy Pizza, Batman! Not only does the guy get that vegetarians are an untapped market, he has expanded his menu to include vegans. He has eleven...let me pause and say that again...e-l-e-v-e-n...vegetarian specialty pizza selections. Plus the two vegetarian gourmet pizzas and, of course, the regulars (which are yummy and made with fresh ingredients!) Some of the 11 specialties are vegetarian versions of classics here in Sweden, like the Kabab pizza and the Honolulu, while others are unique to his shop. We had one today with vegan chicken alternative, spinach sauteed in garlic, arugula and fresh chili. Highly recommendable! Best of all, it seems that all of their pizzas can be made vegan upon request. We are trying desperately to eat our way through them all before we move back up to Göteborg at the end of June.

Pizzeria Algarve, franchise please!

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